Seeds and Soil

Seeds and SoilSeeds – The Wonders of Life

Seeds are truly God’s wonders. They contain all that is necessary to produce a new plant. And, amazingly, the size of the seed has nothing to do with the size of the plant it produces. If you like to get your hands dirty, A+ Landscaping & Garden Center has the seeds you need to get started.

We offer a wide variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds that you can start early inside and enjoy watching them grow. Ask our experts for tips on planting and soils to ensure optimum growth.

Soil – What You Need to Grow

A+ Landscaping & Garden Center offers you potting soils for indoor plants, along with top soil, black dirt and compost. We can provide you with soil mixes to meet your needs and improve both air circulation and water drainage.

Stop in our garden center and choose from our selection of soils in bag or bulk.