Flowers Annuals

Annuals – Add Instant Color to Your Garden

Annuals brighten up the garden with instant color and display their beautiful flowers from spring through early fall. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, annuals are a must-have for their vivid and long-lasting color.

Annuals are fun and easy to grow, making them a springboard to working with a wider range of plants. They are a great fit in all plantings – garden beds, container gardens, hanging baskets. They can be tucked into any spot in your garden that needs some color and pizzazz.

In most cases, annuals are planted in the spring or summer. They flower through fall before perishing with frost as winter arrives. At A+ Landscaping & Garden Center, we carry hundreds of varieties of annuals in a rainbow of colors. Stop in and check out our enormous selection.

PerrenialsPerennials – Many Seasons of Beauty

Year after year perennials provide you with many seasons of beauty and enjoyment. They give a wonderful show of brilliant blooms for a couple of weeks to a couple of months during the season. When their flowers fade, their foliage continues to contribute color, texture and interest to the garden.

Because they come back every year, perennials offer structure and stability to our gardens. They look absolutely wonderful when planted with complementary annuals,shrubs and trees in the garden or containers.

We carry an amazing selection of perennials in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. Stop in to see our complete selection.